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Our Service

We offer a single platform software solution, that suites the needs of all involved, concerning led retrofit projects, manufactures, suppliers, installers, surveyors, retrofit companies, users’ and customers alike. Our team of experts cater for your every need, whilst our software streamlines the process saving time and money. We are here to help. Our job is to make yours easier, teaching you how to most benefit from the software, whilst being there to answer any questions you may have.
Our team of programmers are there to take care of any system issues and can be contacted 24/7.
Our team of lighting surveyors, and energy analysts can help with any questions you have about your project, they can shed some light on the issue. Our lighting designers can carry out a full lighting design if needed, they can also advise you on your obligations, concerning safe lighting levels and best practices. Our administration team will keep you updated on our latest offers, any additional software updates or features we have, whilst answering any questions.

Our Partners

Our Partners are here to provide the best product and service at the right price.

Looking for an installer? not a problem with a registered list of certified, local installers we can find one who will take care of your every need. Want us to suggest a fitting, not a problem we pick from the top local and international brands, delivered by local distributors, who work in conjunction with the installers, creating an all-round solution. Need financing will not a problem lets us put you in touch with our partners, who offer to finance the project for you.

Lighting as a Service Model

A service where a portion of the savings, is paid towards the cost of the install over a period. How long depends on the value of your savings, in comparison to the cost of the installation. The average contract with this type of model is five years. But in saying that the average cashback to the customers, is 25 % of the saving over the five years, therefore you have no upfront cost and you are receiving a cash dividend every month. After the contract ends all the savings are yours.

Green Finance

Simply put, this is where you borrow the installation cost. Our partners offer low-interest rate green loans. We find that with this model the loan term is shorter ranging from 2-3 years. But there is no monthly dividend, the saving covers the loan payments meaning it is cost-neutral. There is an upside to this model, shorter loan term means, all the savings in years four five and thereafter are yours.

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